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This is the header page for the Sunderland Branch.

Rosa Evelyne Sunderland and her father Lionel Henry Browne

My wife's maternal grandfather Jack Hinings Sunderland (1895-1973) married Rosa Evelyne Browne (1895-1983) in 1916. They had two children: Marjorie Hinings Sunderland (b. 1917), and my wife's mother Ethel Lumley Sunderland (1919-2007). — Bob Bevan-Jones, March 2016

The parents of Jack Hinings Sunderland (1895-1973) were George Victor Sunderland (1864-1936) and Ethel Hinings (1872-1947). The parents of Rosa Evelyne Browne (1895-1983) were Lionel Henry Browne (1865-1958) and Ethel Thompson (1872-???).

The preceding generation (S): Edward Sunderland (1837-1905), Sarah Harriet Stillings (1841-1909), Frederick Hinings (1823-1888), Sarah Lumley (1842-1903); James Browne (1825-1905), Rosa Mirinda Pelham (1829-1868), Benjamin Thompson (1840-1893), Betsy Anne Leach (1841-1894)