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This is the header page for the Rogers Branch.

Gilbert Edwin Rogers and his wife Emily née Heal

My maternal grandfather Gilbert Edwin Rogers (1886-1965) married Emily Heal (1886-1965) in 1910. They had eleven children: Gilbert Reginald Rogers (1911-1986), Lilian E M Rogers (1913-1919), Muriel Louvaine Rogers (1915-2001), Iris Eugenie Rogers (1917-1996), Doreen May Rogers (b. 1920), Edward John Rogers (1922-2013) and his twin Margaret M Rogers (1922-1922), Clifford Henry Rogers (1923-1943), my mother Patsy Joan Rogers (1925-2010), Leslie Raymond Rogers (1927-2012) and Bryce Rogers (1928-2000). — Bob Bevan-Jones, March 2016

The parents of Gilbert Edwin Rogers (1886-1965) were: Edwin Rogers (1855-1932) and Caroline Britton (1856-1908). The parents of Emily Heal (1886-1965) were: John Heal (1847-1912) and Sarah Matilda Scott (1854-1932).

The preceding generation (S): Aaron Rogers (1827-1907), Ann Crase (1832-1909), Samuel Britton (1838-???), Caroline Crew (1833-1904); John Heal (1815-1859), Elizabeth Osborn (1817-1897), Joseph James Scott (1822-1886), Fanny Batt (1830-???)