Maud(e) Eleanor Caroline Baker (1883-1947)

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Maude Eleanor Caroline Jones

My father’s mother, Maude Eleanor Caroline Jones, died from pneumonia, shortly after the birth of my cousin Barbara. Barbara was the daughter of my dad’s twin brother, who registered his mother’s death. Maude had been a widow for 17 years, and following her husband’s death had returned to her pre-marriage occupation of working for the Post Office. She was given a position at Calne in Wiltshire, and cycled there every day from her home in Bath. On 15 December 1944 she received an Imperial Service Medal to commemorate 25 years’ service in the Post Office. By this point, she was working at Fishponds sub-office in Bristol.

Her husband George Bevan Jones (1861-1930) (my father’s father) died aged 69, but he was 21 years older than Maude. He, too, had received the Imperial Service Medal following long service at the Post Office. It's probable that George first met Maude there.

George and Maude's was a late marriage. Maude was aged 32 and George was 53. They married at St. Swithin’s Church in Walcot, Bath on 28th March 1915 (Maude’s birthday).

Their first child was Marjorie Bevan Jones, born 27th February 1916. Then on 13th August 1917 my father James Bevan Jones and his (slightly older) twin brother George Bevan Jones were born.

Maude had been born Maud Eleanor Caroline Baker on 28th March 1883. Her middle names were doubtless taken from the names of her two grandmothers, Eleanor Baker née Long and Caroline Milsom née Hiscock.

Maud’s father died when she was just one year old. Her mother was four months pregnant at that time. There being no social security, Maud’s mother needed to return to work in order to support her family. Maud and her brother were sent to be raised by their deceased father’s parents.

All of the early documents referencing Maud omit the final ‘e’ from the end of her Christian name. I’m not sure exactly when the progression from Maud to Maude took place, but I suspect it was a decision reached when she turned 21. According to the 1911 Census, 28-year-old Maude (with an ‘e’) was a “Telegraphist”, so clearly she had joined the Post Office by that time.

Maud's parents were Charles Walter Baker (1857-1884) and Frances Maria Milsom (1854-???).