Lucy Ada Percival (1886-1977)

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PID: J0013 (click here for family tree)

  • Lucy Ada Percival was born on 17th October 1886.
  • She was christened on 12th December 1886 at Great Budworth (Cheshire).
  • Her marriage banns were published on 17th April 1910 at Halton (Cheshire).
  • She married Percy Robert Wright (1868-1946) on 27th April 1910.
  • Percy died on 10th March 1946, aged 77.
  • Lucy died on 23rd April 1977, aged 90.

The children Lucy bore to Percy Robert Wright were Eleanor Mary Wright (1911-1912), Margaret Aldren Wright (1912-1989), Thomas Wright (1913-1984), Daniel Robert Eaton Wright (1916-???), Lucy Isobel Wright (1918-2005) and John Wright (1921-2013).