Jack Hinings Sunderland (1895-1973)

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PID: J0014 (click here for family tree)

  • Jack Hinings Sunderland was born on 13th February 1895 in Yorkshire.
  • He enlisted into the 2nd (Res) West Riding Field Ambulance on 9th November 1914.
  • He married Rosa Evelyne Browne (1895-1983) on 26th June 1916.
  • He was later divorced.
  • He married Dorothy May Harrison (???-???) on 22nd October 1949.
  • He died at Scarborough (Yorkshire) on 21st November 1973, aged 78.

Jack's parents were George Victor Sunderland (1864-1936) and Ethel Hinings (1872-1947).