George Bevan Jones (1861-1930)

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Sgt George Bevan Jones (centre)

My father's father (George Bevan Jones) was a Big Noise in the Post Office in Bath. I remember my father telling me that his father had been born at the General Post Office building in George Street; and I've got a copy of the birth certificate that proves it. For as long as I can recall, there has been a carved inscription above the main entrance to this building which reads "The Old Post Office", so the Post Office must have moved out some time ago. Before the Great War, perhaps?

Bath Post Office Staff, 1908 (click to enlarge)

It seems reasonable to suppose that George's father (James) was living at the General Post Office at the time of his son's birth on 20th April 1861. Sometimes you just can't tell with genealogical research, though: only 13 days earlier (7th April), James had been interviewed for the 1861 Census, giving his address as 2 York Buildings. James and his wife (Hester) and their eldest child (a daughter, Frances E) were sharing this address with another family (John and Isabella Prior and their servant, Jemima Barnett). You would never know it from the Census returns, but York Buildings was the name of a short section of George Street (which is situated near the Circus and the Assembly Rooms); and no. 2 is the Old Post Office, now a restaurant called Batys.

George & Maude's wedding invitation

George married late in life (on 28th March 1915, at the age of 53), and had three children within a couple of years of his wedding: a daughter (Marjorie Bevan Jones, born 27th February 1916) and twin sons (George Bevan Jones and James Bevan Jones, born 13th August 1917). His marriage lasted 15 years, until his death in 1930 at the age of 69. His much younger wife Maud(e) Eleanor Caroline Baker (1883-1947) survived him for 17 years, dying on 27th November 1947. Despite George's age at death, he left three children who were barely into their teens.

Tragically, Marjorie Bevan Jones died only 6 years after her father, aged just 20. Her brother George Bevan Jones registered the death: he was just 19.

George Bevan Jones' Uniform (click to enlarge)

A poorly-treated group photograph of some military men survived in our attic for many years, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I realised one of the men pictured was my grandfather, George Bevan Jones. A snippet from that photograph showing him and two of his colleagues is at the top of this page. When I visited my cousin Barbara in 2013, she brought forth the very uniform George had been wearing for the photograph, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of it resting on her sofa (see left).

George Bevan Jones' parents were James Jones (1836-1902) and Hester Bartlett (1832-1900).

Bob Bevan Jones, January 1998 – March 2016